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Halong Bay Travel Guide

Bai Tu Long Bay
Bai Tu Long Bay

Just east of Halong Bay and close to the border of China sits Bai Tu Long Bay. Largely untouched by tourists, the area is far away from the famous Catba Island, which houses beaches, the caves of Halong Bay and lodging. There are two ecosystems with abundant biodiversity. One area has a wet, tropical rainforest ecosystem and the other ecosystem supports marine life. Legend has it that millions of years ago, an enormous dragon plunged into the waters of Halong Bay and left behind many eggs. When those eggs hatched, they created the numerous rocks and islands in the area. The name Halong Bay literally means "Descending Dragon." The dragon's tail is said to have extended out far into the ocean and created Bach Long Vi, which means "The Tail Of The White Dragon." Before she returned to the heavens, she said farewell to her offspring at Bai Tu Long Bay, which means "The dragon parts the offsprings." Famous attractions in the Bai Tu Long Bay area include Wuan Lan Island, the fishing village of Vung Vieng, Van Don Island and Ngoc Vung Island. The Bai Tu Long National Park is also located nearby. There are seven amphibian national parks in Vietnam and Bai Tu Long National Park is one of them. It has both aquatic and terrestrial zones.

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Halong Bay
Halong Bay

We welcome you all to the Halong, literally “Descending dragon Bay”, and its true wonder of Vietnam with natural heritage site which is recognized by UNESCO.Around 3,000 limestone’s is let’s rise form the emerald water, and no matter how many pictures, stories, and movies of Halong Bay you may come across you, you still will require to see it with your own eyes. Cruising around Halong Bay can be enjoyed from small junk boats or from a luxury cruises, Presently, there are about 500 licensed boats in Halong Bay, moreover our respected clients can avail them on any given day, and up to 300 of them will be playing in the water.

Halong Bay must be seen with you own eyes, although you must make sure to pick the right cruise. Therefore, choosing the right curies for your vacation can be a hard job. Here are some tips for you, which will be very helpful for you to pick the best cruise in Halong Bay.

• Don’t look for the cheapest option. Make inquiries what’s included in the price and is safety equipment are also provided, please remember that you’ll get what you’re paying for in Halong Bay.

• Better prices are often offered by reputable travel agents or specialist. The prices are listed on the cruises websites, price which are more expensive than the travel agent prices. In the law season starting from May to September, the prices can be 20 to 30% lower than the peak seasons.

• Budget cruises are more often full of guest and you can’t do much about the quality of food and services. Whereas Mid-range cruises are much better in terms of their cabins, food as well as services. They can also easily accommodate your special request. The luxury cruises offer additional services such as WIFI, or massage. The food is better as the cabins are.

• Make sure about the weather before you leave. If the storm and rain are forecast, don’t go because the cruises can or will be cancelled at short notice by the port authority of Halong Bay. The finest time is to visit Halong Bay is in April or November.

• Making sure of yourself before you book the cruise. There are hundreds of cruises in Halong Bay, which means that there are thousands of tour operators’ and travel agents selling these cruises. Prices differ and can be in hundred of dollars different. Therefore, you’re requested to research before booking which can save your time and money.

• There are a number of reputable cruises in Halong Bay, such as Indochina Sails, Cruise Halong, Paradise Cruises, Auco Cruise, Victory Star Cruise & Bai Tho Junk….


Below is cruise ITINERARY of 2 days and 1night Program & 3 days and 2 nights Program:

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