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The luxurious Paradise Privilege cruise liner offers world class facilities and excellent service for an unforgettable traveling experience in Vietnam.
If you are looking for a romantic cruise getaway for two, the Princess Junk is the best choice for honeymoon!

Golden Cruise-9999

Golden Cruise has the largest ships that sail in Halong Bay. The liner provides guests with excellent, five-star services, and affordable prices. The ships have four floors, 48 elegant rooms, a bar, a sundeck, and a 3D cinema. Guests are treated with excellent amenities and comfort for a perfect holiday. The ship frames use iron to ensure safety and durability. All cabins are furnished with elegant wooden furniture and world-class amenities. The furniture in the cabins is inspired by Eastern and Western designs. A majority of the cabins have private windows or balconies for a better view of the bay.


190 USD / per person

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